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The most generous loyalty program in France!

Our Contact & Moi loyalty program is free, simple and very advantageous. For each night spent in one of our establishments, you accumulate one point (1 night = 1 point).
Our rewards adapt to your consumption! Whether you visit our hotels occasionally or regularly, choose the account that suits you best.

The loyalty program can be combined with the Soirées étapes package, the BB package (room + breakfast) and the Contact Hôtel gift vouchers.

At Contact Hotels, we really know how to reward you!

At Contact Hotels, we really know how to reward you!

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Pro account : 49 nights / year = 224€ CASH !

I am a salesman in the construction industry and often on the road. At Contact, I am a "collector" and I receive a 58€ refund every 12 nights. In addition, I benefit from several advantages during my stays.
Maxime, 34 years old

Tourism account: 2 nights / year = 20€ CASH!

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